One Heart Method

Individual goals are extremely important, we strongly encourage our members to create these goals. As One Heart will lead our clients to achieve personal goals Our studio goal is to work with clients to build a strong, mobilised, functional body that will achieve their goals long-term. 


To help clients achieve this we have created the One Heart method and made sure its is implemented in session.  Using this method we Structure the foundation of  each workout to focuses on  

Core Strength, Posture, &flexibility.


These 3 key principles will help Individuals achieve a body frame that has a strong centre from where you can support whole body, more freedom of movement and correct body alignment which will prevent pain and help Injury prevention.








One hearts follows this method because we believe that it will benefit everyones fitness goals No matter what they are if you are a beginner or a athlete, if you're older or even younger, everybody can benefit from having a stronger body with better posture that will be more functional. A body that will work for you and not against you.



One Heart


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