Personal Training

Our personal trainers specialises in weight loss, toning and Muscle gain, pilates progression, posture correction, rehabilitation, improving  flexibility & mobilisation, and sport specific goals.

If you are new to pilates or reformer one on one sessions could be a great option to build up confidence with your trainer To progress to classes 


 Personal training  is also a great way to improve your strength and technique. Our trainers is are highly skilled in rehabilitation needs. Working with your physio we can be a a team to help progress you in your rehabilitation goals.

If weight loss and toning is your goal then our trainers are for you. They are highly skilled in knowledge to you progress your weight loss journey. They will push you to where you can't push yourself, stronger & achieve goals quicker, You will be accountable to your trainer as they will be accountable to you. 


Using the One Heart method you know you're in safe hands with our trainers.  You have all the guidance and tool to achieve your fitness goals in one place.