Terms and Conditions

1.I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of One heart Management during the course of this membership or casual visits taken out by me.

2. I accept that although One Heart Management and staff will take responsible care and attention they will not be liable for injury or loss of property whether caused by accident or a negligent act throughout this and/or future memberships and casual visits taken out by me.

3. Personal hygiene, inoffensive language and noise level must be maintained at all times.

4. Verbal and or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

6. Towels are compulsory and must be used at all

7. Machines must be wiped down after use to remove all sweat.

8. All personal items and valuables are left at the owner’s risk but locker are in clear view of members during workout.


-All memberships are paythrough direct debit with no lock in contract but a 28 day notice period is required to cancel membership

-First time Memberships are only available for a 1 time Purchase and is only vailed for a 7 day period.

 -Failure to honour your membership contract will result in our account being hand over to a debt collector and a possible listing of the account with a credit rating authority. Total fees owing plus application penalties will apply.

- A change to rules or new rules will be communicated to members via social media and displayed at reception.

-You can put your membership on hold for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks 

-Problems, complaints and suggestions should be passed onto staff, where they will take the appropriate action to solve all issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. If staff cannot resolve the matter it will be referred to One hearts Management whose decision will be final.

- A copy of the code of practice can be downloaded for free from www.legislation.qld.gov.au or through the Office of Fair Trading website www.fairtrade.qld.gov.au.

- We reserve the right to search any bag on the premises.

-All cars are parked on the premises at your own risk: the centre is not responsible in any matter for the theft or damage to your vehicle. Prevent theft by making sure your vehicle is locked and no valuables are visible.

-The client must supply to one heart in writing if they feel there is a problem to their health by participating in any fitness service supplied by one heart and have it receipted as proof we have received it.

-We recommend that all clients seek a medical clearance before engaging in any fitness program or use of facilities at One heart. - Participation of the gym is mostly unsupervised. Participation does assume that you have a medical clearance and ae aware of the risks and are competent in the use of the equipment.